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Natural latex is a very environmentally friendly material. Medical gloves, condoms, and astronauts walk in outer space are all produced from their raw materials. European and American people are very supportive of latex bedding. Because of its unique natural collagen material and honeycomb stomata process, latex pillows are more breathable and comfortable than other pillows.


First, latex pillow functionality


Can latex pillows really help sleep?

The rational design of the high and low pillow can fully improve the microcirculation of the head and neck of the human body. Now the blood circulation of the brain has the effect of assisting the treatment of headache.neurasthenia and insomnia caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain!


Can latex pillows treat cervical spondylosis?

No treatment, but with auxiliary and corrective functions! The ergonomic design principle of the latex pillow fits the curve of the human body, and distributes the pressure of the human body according to the various parts of the human cervical vertebrae to achieve full support, correcting bad sleeping posture during sleep and improving cervical spondylosis.


Does the latex pillow really breed bacteria and mites?

Yes! Oak protein inhibits bacteria and prevents allergies! The nature of natural latex does not cause mites, it is also a good protection for our skin!


Second, latex pillow adaptability


Is the design of latex pillows (high and low pillows) reasonable?

Yes! The cervical vertebrae of the human body have a curvature of the front curve. The curvature of the height of the latex pillow is to maintain the normal curvature for the neck . It is completely ergonomically designed. so it can give the cervical vertebra a good protection during sleep.


Is the latex pillow taste normal?

It is normal, it is the natural taste of latex, it will be a little heavy when it is just opened. it will fade slowly, but it will not completely dissipate! I really like to smell this and feel good about the respiratory tract.


Why did you feel the pain in the cervical spine for two days?

Because many people's cervical spondylosis is already very serious in the invisible, some are cervical vertebrae, the cervical vertebra is not a normal physiological curvature.so when the pillow is just pillow. it will not adapt to that curvature. Pillow for a few more days, wait for the neck to adapt slowly, the pain will be relieved, and the pressure on the cervical vertebra will be relieved!


Will the latex pillow be very soft?

It will not collapse softly, it will be moderately soft and hard, and the rebound will be particularly fast and not easy to deform. The pillow that was originally pressed when you roll over will quickly rebound, hold the neck again, and continue to protect the neck during sleep. Coupled with a light creamy fragrance, it can effectively improve the quality of sleep!


Third, the uniqueness of latex pillow


There are many small potholes on the surface of the latex pillow , and some corners are incomplete. Is there a quality problem?

Natural foam will naturally form some bubble holes during foaming, and some production processes such as manual demoulding and trimming will cause some small defects, which is unavoidable, but it is not a quality problem and does not affect the use.


Will latex pillows generate static electricity?

Not at all! 100% natural latex, without any metal components, thus preventing the formation of magnetic fields, insulation, static! Don't worry about the discomfort caused by static electricity when turning over!


Can latex pillows be cleaned and aired?

Latex pillows can be cleaned, but because of the nature of natural latex, do not expose to the sun, dry in a cool place. The pillowcase can be cleaned at will!


Can latex pillows be used for more than 10 years?

In principle, the service life of up to five years, but if properly maintained, properly used for 10 years or properly da!


Fourth, latex maintenance methods


Wash with water

Latex pillow is the most convenient to wash, natural latex pillow is easy to clean by hand (usually not needed, just tap it), as long as it is dried by electric fan after dehydration, or oven drying at low temperature, never deformed, easy to maintain , foldable, good collection, is the most comfortable choice for the pursuit of healthy sleep. When cleaning, it must be washed by hand. It should not be put into the washing machine or other equipment for washing, because it will be smashed. When washing by hand, try to squeeze it! Because it absorbs a lot of water during washing, it doubles in weight and moves as much as possible in the water. Remove water during the surface, not gripping a small corner portion moves one way or another, because heavy pillow break, when the cleaning process, as must as tofu, cupped gravity (central portion), and most of the volume, carefully remove the water.


By squeezing dry water

After washing, use a dry towel or other materials that will absorb water, and dry with both hands to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight. The desire to speed up the drying time, the rear suspension, is recommended every 2-3 hours, below the hand pressing, the excess water may be discharged, and fans to cold winds. If you only need to clean a small area of ​​the latex pillow, just wipe it with a damp towel and put it in a cool, ventilated place. You can use it again in a few days.



Suitable for air drying or dry; not suitable for direct exposure to sunlight; keep away from ultraviolet rays to avoid premature aging.


Five, how to identify the latex pillow

smell-The natural latex pillow will give off a light creamy flavor (this smell is the smell of the latex pillow itself) is non-toxic and harmless, and is not characteristic of other pillows).


Look-Latex pillows have thousands of honeycomb vents that hold more air than other fibers. These holes can remove the waste heat and moisture from the body, promote natural ventilation, and provide the best natural air conditioning system to keep the air inside the pillow fresh and healthy. It feels comfortable every season. Summer use more deep body will go to its cool comfort. Anti- mite anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, latex itself has anti-bacterial, dust-proof effect, can prevent bacterial growth, and prevent skin and nasal allergies.


Touch-It feels comfortable and smooth like a baby's skin ; it is normal for a sweaty hand to touch a latex pillow to make the latex yellow.


Pressure-Latex pillows will quickly rebound when pressed by hand.


About defect

Since the latex pillow is made of a physical foaming process, there are fine burrs or holes in the die, but it is not a quality problem and does not affect the use.



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