Teach you how to distinguish the authenticity of silk quilt

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Many people choose to cover silk quilts, which is especially comfortable. However, although the silk quilt is good, the quality of silk quilts on the market is mixed. For example, there are consumers who claim that the content of silk is 100%.In fact, there is no silk at all!
A silk quilt with a silk content of 100% is called a pure silk quilt. A silk quilt with a silk content of 50% or more is not a silk quilt.
So what is the situation of silk quilts on the market? The experimental team conducted a survey.
Big price gap
After visiting the market for a circle, the reporter found that silk quilts were expensive to sell for 1,300 yuan, and as low as 200 yuan, they were also known as silk quilts, and the price difference was really large.
In addition to the large price difference, we also noticed a detail in the survey, that is, the edges of almost all silk quilts have a small opening to see the filling of the edges.
But the ingredients inside are not easy to identify. Is it filled with real silk?
Filling "different from inside to outside"
The reporter brought a silk quilt with a weight of 3 kg and a price of 160 yuan to the local mulberry silk station. The station manager Huang opened the silk quilt. From the opening, it can be seen that the filling was a net-like structure and the fibers were very long.
The silk content at the opening of the quilt is indeed a typical feature of silk, and the silk is relatively long.
There is no problem with the silk at the opening. Is the composition in it also silk?
Later, we took some fillers out of the middle of the quilt and found out the problem at a glance.
The filling inside broke as soon as it was pulled.
After preliminary judgment, the opening of the edge of this bed of silk was indeed real silk, but the filling inside was obviously messy.
In other words, some merchants put a little bit of real silk on the edge of the fake silk quilt in order to mix fish and pearls, but if you go inside, it is completely different.
How to distinguish true and false silk
If it is not real silk, what is it filled with? How can we distinguish between real and fake silk quilts?
Professionals have prepared two common materials for us to fake silk, one is chemical fiber and the other is cotton batting.
Method one: drawing method
For real silk, its drawing can be drawn very long, while chemical fiber and cotton break when they are pulled. And the cross section of silk is an irregular triangle, and the cross section of usual fibers such as chemical fiber is round, so when we touch the silk, we will get a little bit of hands.
Method two, combustion method
The flame is close to the real silk, it will burn, and it emits white smoke. As soon as the flame leaves, the fire on the silk will immediately go out.
Combustion method is very scientific to distinguish what kind of fiber. Silk is a protein fiber, and when burned, it contains a burning smell. Kapok is a cellulose fiber. After burning, its ash is soft and gray is white. After burning, chemical fibers and polyester will burn. Black particles appear, and the particles are relatively hard. The burning process contains a pungent smell.
The burning method is also very simple. If you are worried about the silk in your home being fake, you may wish to burn a small piece with a lighter. If there is a smell of burning hair, congratulations, it is a real silk quilt!
Method three, 84 disinfectant method
Pour 84 sanitizing solution into the container and stir.
Real silk is almost completely dissolved in less than 2 minutes.
The chemical fiber and polyester fiber did not react.
Silk belongs to protein fiber, and protein fiber can be dissolved in sodium hypochlorite. The main component of 84 disinfectant solution is sodium hypochlorite. 84 disinfectant solution is not scientific for identifying silk.
to sum up
To identify true and false silk, first look at the drawing. The real silk is very soft, long, and elastic. Second, look at the combustion reaction, the silk will emit white smoke when it is burned with fire, it smells like the smell of burnt hair, and it has a low ignition point. After removing the source of fire, it immediately disappears. Third, 84 disinfection solution immersion method, silk is natural animal protein, soak for 2 minutes, it will dissolve in 84.
At the same time, please remind you that qualified silk quilts will be clearly marked with the product name, specifications, certification, etc. At the same time, silk quilts are not cheap. If only one or two hundred dollars, then you are advised not to buy.

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