What's so good about latex underwear?

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In the case of long-term wearing, the latex has excellent breathability and moisture wicking, which can help the body to emit excess heat and moisture during exercise,keep the female body fresh, and effectively reduce the odor after sweating.
And its high elasticity, never hardening, never deforming, uniform pressure release and other characteristics, also determines its unmatched support and comfort.
Latex underwear also has anti-mite, anti-bacterial, dust-proof, mildew-proof, non-static, anti-allergic effects.
The oak protein in latex can effectively inhibit the incubation of germs and allergens, inhibit the breeding of mites, prevent dust, mildew and no static electricity. It has a certain preventive effect on skin allergies and bronchial problems, especially suitable for women with allergic nose problems friend.
The special shape design of natural latex underwear can fully improve the microcirculation of the human chest and back, alleviate the pain caused by tight underwear and air tightness, promote chest blood circulation, oxygen supply capacity, chest discomfort, chest tightness, breast caused by insufficient blood supply to the chest Hyperplasia has preventive and auxiliary effects.
Wanyue is a latex-free, underwire-free underwear that abandons traditional sponges.
Natural latex: strong ventilation, born with tens of millions of natural small nets, honeycomb ventilation holes;
Sponge material: Sponge has poor ventilation and absorbs sweat, which will cause a large number of microorganisms to multiply;
2. Drain moisture:
Natural latex: 360-degree air micro-circulation, keep refreshing, away from the embarrassment of smell after sweating;
Sponge material: strong absorption of water, cleaning products such as strong washing liquid can not be thoroughly washed, and easy to mold;
3. Antibacterial:
Natural latex: The rubber protein in natural latex has the effect of preventing mites and bacteria;
Sponge materials: Sponges require chemicals and do not have antibacterial properties.

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