【Genesleep Science Popularization】How to wear mask comfortably and safely

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Despite the marked decline of new cases and the ever-increasing recovery rate in the past two weeks, wearing masks is still needed and vital for at least the coming one or two months until the novel coronavirus epidemic can be totally curbed in China. How to wear a mask safely and comfortably? Here are the tips.

1. Vapor on glasses

People that wear glasses may find the vapor they breathe out condensing on their glasses. They can press the metal strip on the upper side of N95 standard mask against their face or fill up a piece of paper tissue on the upper side of a conventional surgical mask to seal the vapor.


2. Shortness of breath

Disposable surgical masks are more recommended than N95 masks for the ordinary public. If you have to wear a mask with better sealing, remove your mask and take a breath when there aren't too many people around you.

3. Imprints or scratches on face left by masks

Don't worry about imprints if there's no skin abrasion. Your skin can repair itself automatically. Apply some cream or other skin paste to the affected areas and use disposable surgical masks as first choice.


4. Makeup and sun cream?

Heavy makeup is not recommended while BB cream and premier is enough if wearing a mask. Do remove your makeup completely before washing your face. Sun cream is necessary even with a mask on for those working in the open air. Do remember to apply some on those parts that the mask doesn't cover.

5. Dry lips

Don't lick your lip when it turns dry inside a mask as that will make it drier. Apply some lip balm before and after wearing a mask or when taking a breath without the mask if necessary.



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