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With people's attention to health and green life and the enhancement of consumption ability, the rapid development of latex bedding in the market has been greatly promoted. At present, the development trend of latex bedding is good, which is due to the characteristics of natural latex, especially in the past two years in the domestic blowout development!


Although people have a great demand for latex bedding, but the vast majority of consumers still choose to buy from abroad. According to authoritative statistics, Southeast Asia's latex production accounts for more than 90% of the world's output, and Thailand's production and quality are the most prominent. Since 1991, Thailand is the largest natural rubber producer and exporter in the world, with annual rubber production of 3 million tons or more, accounting for two thirds of the total global rubber production. Most of the rubber produced is exported, accounting for 40-45% of the total global rubber export.

Compared with it, the domestic market of high-quality latex products is very few.


Nantong Genelsleep Home Co.,Ltd. as a domestic professional production of latex products enterprises, since its establishment, to "integrity and pragmatic, pioneering and enterprising" as the enterprise spirit, to "make better products to create value for customers" as the business philosophy, to "market-oriented, service-oriented, quality for survival, science and technology for development" as the enterprise purpose, forge ahead Innovation.


no pains,no gains. With the joint efforts of all employees, compared with other pillow and mattress materials, the latex products produced by the company have excellent resilience and support, which can absorb and release the weight of the body and the pressure of the head evenly, which helps the cervical spine, spine, bones and muscles to be stressed evenly during sleep, improve the blood circulation of the human body, and avoid cervical vertebra or spine The occurrence of vertebral disease.


At the same time, the company insists on importing 100% natural latex from Thailand, which not only ensures the optimization of raw materials, but also provides customers with a more healthy and clean sleep environment with the functions of environmental protection, antibacterial, mildew prevention, mite removal and health care. Moreover, such latex rubber has high ductility, and the product quality is naturally superior.


In the years of development, Nantong Genelsleep Home Co.,Ltd. has been unanimously praised by consumers. At the same time, through the continuous innovation of products and services, its various latex products have gradually become the first choice in the hearts of consumers!

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