How to choose latex pillow

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First of all, there is no pure synthetic latex pillow. The elasticity and air permeability of mixed latex pillow are not as good as that of natural latex pillow.but the price is cheap


1. Look at the price positioning, distinguish between natural latex pillow or mixed latex pillow.


If a latex pillow sells for about 100 yuan, it is basically a mixed latex pillow.


Purchase natural rubber latex pillow, budget at least 300 yuan above, generally this price can be filled with natural rubber, natural rubber latex content is generally 85% - 95%, the higher the better.


2. Focus on the shape selection of latex pillow.


In order to comply with ergonomics, latex pillows are generally high and low curves, different brands of different heights are different, you can use the existing pillow to test the general habit height before purchase to avoid being unable to use after purchase.


In addition, some latex pillows have massage particles.which can be purchased by users who attach importance to the head massage function. They should also pay attention to whether the size is suitable for them.


3. Choose a brand with certain popularity.


The brand represents the quality control, which can screen out some bad products to a certain extent. At present, domestic latex pillows mainly import natural rubber latex. For domestic production, ammonia is required for the storage of latex stock solution. If it is transported to China, ammonia must be removed.


How to judge the quality of purchased latex pillows:


1. Judging from the smell, the smell of the high-grade latex pillow is the same as that of the balloon, but it can hardly be heard after using for a few days. The strong cream flavor is added to eliminate the products with poor ammonia effect.


2. To test the elasticity, shake the pillow against the wall, press the pillow or twist it. The natural latex pillow will feel high elasticity, and it is likely to become a latex pillow with almost mixed elasticity. The cracks are usually garbage latex pillows.


3. From the appearance point of view, the appearance of high-grade latex pillow has the texture similar to skin. If it is smooth, it is a mixed latex pillow.


4. Look at the air permeability, use a hair dryer to inflate the latex pillow to ensure excellent air permeability.

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